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By Rob on 06th Jul 2012 @ 11:58PM
The first version of PixelArt Whiteboard has been publicly released.

PixelArt Whiteboard is a networked whiteboarding application specifically designed for pixel artists. It sports a powerful user-interface, but maintains simplicity through only providing the controls and tools needed by pixel artists.

This initial release (v0.9.0.0) is incomplete, it is being released as 'DemandWare'. That is to say, it's future rests on the demand for it. If no-one uses it or wants it then I will not be committing further development time to finishing it and putting in some of the more pro features on the feature queue.

Which means if you try it and like it, you should let me know on the forums or by email (there's further information on all of this within the application).

That being said, it's already perfectly capable of some decent artwork! Go check it out:

PixelArt Whiteboard
Rob Hutchinson
Lead Developer & Null City Admin
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