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By RobHutchinson on 02nd Jul 2009 @ 08:15PM
Actors are the fundamental building blocks in Kitae. There are currently five different types of actor in the system. Each of the actor types are created as base actors within a module and then 'dropped' onto scenes within the same or other modules for active use.

Sprite Actors are the most primitive actors in the system, and simply display a single graphic on screen. Sprite Actors are very useful for particle effects using emitters, texture splatting and foreground and background objects.

Tile maps contain a single layer of map data which is rendered using a single Graphic. Tile maps can be used to build foregrounds, backgrounds and most importantly, map based levels. Maps contain not only the tile graphic frame data, but also additional information such as miscellaneous flags, colour and x/y flip details.

Text Actors are used to render text through the use of fonts. These are useful for ingame text, huds, menus, options and game instructions amongst other things.

Emitters create new instances of other actors to produce particle effects and generators. The most simple of which is an emitter that generates SpriteActor objects to create a particle fountain effect. However, the EmitterActor can be used for many other tasks. Here are some examples:

• A fire trap that produces damaging fire particles in a sequence.
• An arrow trap that continuously releases poisoned arrows across a scene.
• The flame atop a torch.
• Enemy generators ala the classic game Gauntlet.

Emitters can also be used for smoke effects, explosions, turrets, blood splatter, magic, sparks, volcanoes and many many other game effects. For more information on emitters, see the Particle Effects section.

Animated Sprites are similar to standard Sprites, however, they contain animations. Any actor can be playing any one of it's animations at any time within a scene. Animated Sprite actors can have unlimited animations, based on graphics created in the Game Editor. The Game Edtior provides tools to facilitate the creation of animated sprites from frame images. Animated sprites would usually be used for main characters and enemies, or anything in the world that moves.
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