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After a bit of playing around I've just finished adding the ability to comment on posts on the site. On every post where comments are appropriate, anyone can now leave comments about the article or product. You can also drop me a line here with the new Contact Us form.

Additionally I've uploaded a few bits of software I've written recently:

1) EVE Online Window Border Remover
- An application to cleanly remove the thick border from the outside of the EVE Online window at startup.

2) Minesweeper.NET
- A sample .NET 3.5 application demonstrating how to write the classic game Minesweeper.

I've also given the final version of Protean IDE a new home:

3) Protean IDE V1.4

The proteanide.co.uk domain now links directly to this page. And the page contains the final version and full source code to both Protean IDE and the Compona SyntaxBox.

Finally, I've added stubs to some of the stuff that'll be coming to the site soon. You can check that lot out in the Products section.
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