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By RobHutchinson on 29th Sep 2009 @ 08:00PM
I'm currently working quite hard on the particle engine at the moment. So I'm not going to write a lot here today, I just wanted to drop this video on the blog:

This fireworks particle effect was created entirely at design time using the Game Editor. Unfortunately the video codec obscures the nice detail of the effect, but you get the picture. The effect is simply a particle emitter which emits a spark particle. On despawn of the particle, another particle effect is spawned to create the explosion. There is absolutely no user code behind this effect what-so-ever. Nifty! Next I'll put up a blizzard effect.

One more thing, I'm currently re-thinking the pricing stategy for Kitae. Kitae may end up free for development use. More on that soon.

So you can actually see what this is meant to look like before the codec filtered out all the details, here's a piccy:

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