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By RobHutchinson on 02nd Jul 2009 @ 08:15PM
Hopefully this section will answer any queries you might have about the Kitae product at this stage of development. If you are interested in Kitae and your question was not answered here, drop us a line using the Contact Us form and let us know.


Q. Is the engine 2D or 3D?
A. The engine is "2D in 3D". It is 3D projected into 2D space. Kitae provides 1:1 pixel rendering where no transforms are used and supports 2D transforms for most objects (scale, rotation).

Q. Will the engine ever support true 3D.
A. No. However Kitae has a CustomRenderActor which can be used to render 3D to an actor that can be placed within a scene for custom rendering of 3D. This is particularly useful for Avatars.

Q. Why not?
A. Because we will be concentrating on producing the most powerful, full featured 2D engine out there.

Purchase and Release

Q. When will Kitae be released?
A. When it's ready.

Q. Will Kitae be a free product on release?
A. No, you will need to buy a Kitae licence in order to create games with it.

Q. Will there be a trial version on release?
A. Possibly not as soon as the engine is released, but soon after. The trial version will be limited in some fashion, we've not decided how/where yet. There will also be demonstration projects with binaries as separate downloads for anyone to download and try.

Q. How much will Kitae cost?
A. There is nothing set in stone right now, however, we are looking at a price point of between 50GBP - 80GBP (up to ~120USD) per developer licence for indie developers and ~320GBP (~500USD) for commercial developers.

Q. Will I get all updates for free?
A. All updates for the current Major version you purchase will be free. New Major versions (e.g V1 -> V2) will be charged upgrades at reduced rates.

Q. What payments will you accept?
A. The plan is to use a common online payment provider which will accept all major credit cards.

Beta Testing

Q. Will there be a public beta release?
A. No, not a public beta.

Q. Will there be a private beta release?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I participate in the private beta?
A. At this point the private beta is by request only, please use the Contact Us form to contact us about joining the beta program. Please provide details of your machine specs and reasons for wanting to test Kitae.

Q. What if I already joined the old Beta Program, will I still get my free copy on release?
A. Of course, once Kitae is released, drop us a message via the Contact Us page and we'll activate the product for you. Provided that you participated.
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