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By RobHutchinson on 15th Aug 2010 @ 11:46PM
Breeze has now been submitted for peer review and will hopefully be released sometime in the near future. If you've got access to an XNA Creators Club account for the XBox 360, feel free to download it and review it through the usual channels on the Microsoft XNA website.
By RobHutchinson on 11th Apr 2010 @ 11:44PM
I realise it's been a while since I've posted, I've been very busy with various projects, including Kitae. Fear not, much development time has been sunk into Kitae over the last few months and it appears to be coming together very nicely (barring some nasty PC laptop graphics card issues).

Anyway I wanted to share the latest feature of Kitae: Scene Transitions. Kitae now sports 30 unique transitions out-of-the-box. All ready to use with a few lines of code! Thanks to the great work done on the WPF-FX project, I've managed to convert the transition shader effects to XNA and build them as re-usable content into the engine. We've got swirl effects, circle tranistions, disolves, pixelations, saturations, water effects, blur effects, you name it, it's probably there.

Here's a video of the transition example which I'm planning to release with the engine:

Sorry for the poor framerate on the video, YouTube seems to have made a bit of a mess of it. Fear not, it runs at a nice 60FPS solid @ high resolution.
Thanks to Eifion Bedford for the fantastic photos, his work can be found here.
Additional information on Kitae's transitions feature can be found in the Kitae Transitions section.

Alpha Testing
Kitae will be entering Alpha Test phase hopefully in the next week. For anyone that is interested in testing, please read the FAQ.

I'm very happy to announce the development of Kitae. A new rapid development 2D engine for XNA that enables 2D game developers to build games for both Windows and the XBox 360. The engine is currently under heavy development and will be released within the next 3-4 months.

If you are interested in 2D game development and particularly XNA game develepment. We are looking for beta testers for the Kitae application which will go into beta phase within the next month or so. If you would like to test the application you can submit a request to test over at the also newly introduced Members section of the site.

Check out Kitae over at the the new Kitae Section.

About Kitae
Kitae is a rich, rapid development 2D in 3D game engine for use with the Microsoft XNA platform. Kitae provides a rich application development toolset that suplements Visual Studio or Game Studio Express, allowing you to concentrate on the design and logic of your games without having to worry about the grunt work. Kitae is feature rich, allowing you to create just about any game you can imagine with relative ease. Kitae is not a Game Maker and is not designed to remove programming from the equation. Kitae is a powerful asset management system and middleware engine that facilitates modern 2D game development for both Windows and XBox 360.

Screen Shots

Rob - Null City Admin
By RobHutchinson on 02nd Jul 2009 @ 08:15PM
The Kitae Game editor is where you'll spend a lot of your time designing your games. Everything from setting up your sprites, animations and scenes, to creating innovative levels and designs. The Game Editor provides a professional interface that is similar to that of Visual Studio or Game Studio Express, so it will be familar to those who have already written games in XNA.

Here are just some of the main features of the Game Editor.

• Project Manager provides a tree-view of your game assets.
• The Graphic Editor provides a fast, easy way to insert and manage your art assets.
   • Sprite Cutter tool can be used to extract sprites from other images.
   • Tile Cutter tool can be used to extract tiles from uniform tile-mapped images.
• Font Editor provides an interface for building fonts.
• Font Wizard allows you to quickly create Kitae GraphicFonts from True Type fonts and allows you to add effects.
• The Property Grid allows quick and easy editing of all your game objects.
• The Scene Editor allows you to create scenes with layers and actors and position them for first run.
• The Tile Map Editor gives you the power to quickly build game levels and maps.
• Powerful Magnifine Glass tool - helps with pixel perfect positioning.
• Keyboard shortcuts for all major actions.

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