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By RobHutchinson on 23rd Sep 2009 @ 08:14PM
The Game Editor application has a fully integrated particle editor which allows you to build and test complicated and often convoluted particle emitter effects on a design surface, rather than in code. This particle system is incredibly powerful, any kind of actor - be it sprite, animation, text, tile map a can be used as a particle within the system and all particles have the same abilities and functionality as any other actor. This of course means you can perform collision detection and other actions against particles. Each particle has a set of controllers which can assist in giving it additional behavior elements, such as physics. Additionally, controllers are also used to manage the lifetime of particles, attaching a LocationCullController object to a particle will remove the particle when it leaves an area specified by the controller and there are plenty of built-in controllers to choose from.

The engine has no problem producing thousands of particles and is quick enough for extreme real-time effects. The editor can be used to build weather, fire, wind, or even water effects.



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