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By RobHutchinson on 02nd Jul 2009 @ 08:15PM
Kitae furnishes the developer with a complete set of Tile Map creation and manipulation tools. The Game Editor can be used to create TileMapActor objects. These are a single layer of tile map entity which can be either shallow or deep copied onto a layer within a scene. The tile map can then be geometrically collided with and modified at run time.

Multiple tile maps can be edited and built simultaneously, and you can position tile maps over each other in a scene to create multi-layered tile map effects. This way, adding foreground and background as well as parallax effects is made very easy.

Tile Maps are relatively expensive where memory is concerned. Therefore, Kitae supports shallow copying of complex actors. Each actor on a scene can either be a 100% duplication of a base actor or a shallow copy. Shallow copying is currently supported on tile maps and animated sprites. Shallow copied tile maps hook into map data taken from a base tile map but have their own location, rotation, etc information. This allows you to build large complex tile maps and re-use them in multiple places without increasing memory usage by having duplicated map data. Currently Kitae uses approximately 20 bytes per map tile for each tile that does not have any attributes, but provides practically unlimited configurability and flagging options. Each tile can have it's own colour and transparency value, can be flipped either vertically, horizontally or both and can have unlimited key-value attributes which can either be provided at the tile or graphic level.

The Game Editor's tile map editor is essentially a full-featured WYSIWYG 2D game level designer, allowing you to create whole game levels just by painting tiles onto a map surface. The editor supports, fill, line draw, rectangle draw, filled rectangle draw, selection, cut, copy, paste and many other tools.


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