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By RobHutchinson on 30th Aug 2010 @ 10:54PM
When Breeze was released a lot of the reviews for it were incredibly positive, here are a snapshot of some of the reviews:


I think I only saw one negative review, whereby it was slated for basically being too hard. <-- by design, but point taken. So I've decided to issue a re-release of Breeze to try encourage more people to give it a whirl without sacrificing the original vision for the game. Breeze was always meant to be a difficult game, sometimes even 'rip your hair out'-difficult. But hopefully for those who enjoy a challenge, Breeze gives you a very quick restart and sets you on your way again to give the difficult levels another blast.

This experience isn't for everyone, and for that reason I've tweaked the difficulty settings a bit and a new V1.1 is now in review. V1.1 has a completely new feature: Air-Brakes. This new addition can be activated with the B button on the Xbox controller and will very quickly bring the flower to a grinding halt. This allows you to whip across levels without the fear of having to stop the flower at the other end. To those already hardened to the Breeze experience this may seem like it will make the game too easy. Firstly, it actually doesn't make the game too easy, it's still a challenge but more of a manageable one. Secondly, if you wish to take on the true challenges of Breeze, there is now a 'Hardcore' mode, which is basically the original game. In this new hardcore mode you have no air-brakes on any levels and you will earn a gold cup next to all levels you complete. The new air-brakes mode is now 'Normal' mode and the easy mode has not changed. Also in 'Normal' mode the flower will not be shredded by the fan if the fan is not spinning, so you get a little added protection.

The new version 1.1 will be released hopefully in a few days, or whenever it passes review.

Oh one more thing, there's a hidden bonus stage in Breeze (there's also a few other easter eggs), has anyone found them? I'm betting not. First person to find them gets their name in 'lights'. Here's a hint: the bonus stage is accessed through a level completed in a certain way, somewhere near the 'middle' of the game.
By RobHutchinson on 30th Aug 2010 @ 10:43PM
Ranyl of Good Guy Robots has just released a new game on Xbox Live Indie Game which kept me entertained for hours called Codex. It's an interesting concept whereby you are tasked to shunt tiles in and out of a grid to reproduce the tile order defined for the level. As you move through the levels the puzzles get more mind-bending and the the grid expands to increase the difficulty. The graphics are lovely, the music is fantastic and the puzzles are very cleverly thought out. Check it out!

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