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By RobHutchinson on 09th Apr 2010 @ 06:44PM
Kitae is a rich, rapid development 2D in 3D game engine for use with the Microsoft XNA platform. Kitae provides a rich application development toolset that supplements Visual Studio or Game Studio Express, allowing you to concentrate on the design and logic of your games without having to worry about the grunt work. Kitae is feature rich, allowing you to create just about any game you can imagine with relative ease. Kitae is not a Game Maker and is not designed to remove programming from the equation. Kitae is a powerful asset management system and middleware engine that facilitates modern 2D game development for both Windows and XBox 360.

Screen Shots

Here are just some of the features that the full release version of the Kitae Framework will support:

• Full 2D in 3D engine. Supporting sprite scale and rotation.
• Built around a powerful module system. Modules house your game assets, level and setup.
• One of Kitae's most powerful features is that it handles the entire lifetime of your graphic assets.
   • Graphics are added to the Game Editor and saved against your modules.
   • Graphic frames are automatically mapped and fitted to larger textures for optimal rendering performance.
   • Frames can be padded and edge doubled automatically to assist with filtering problems inherant to 3D.
   • Game Editor has tools and features for extracting tiles from larger tiled images and screenshots.
   • The Game Editor can be we used to quickly cut and extract sprites from screenshots.
• Modules are created in the Game Editor and can be easily loaded and unloaded at run time.
• UI driven scene management. Build and setup as many scenes as your game needs.
• UI driven layer management. Add as many layers as you require to scenes.
• Layering effects allow you to create breathtaking effects with ease.
• Supports additive, multiplicative, alpha, block, subtractive, inverse, min and max blending modes.
• Supports refraction and other pixel shader effects on a per layer or per scene basis.
   • Post processing effects such as blur, desaturation and convolution can be added with ease.
• Use the simple built-in physics engine or add external engines such as Farseer with ease.
• Global geometric collision detection.
• Actor system makes creating animations, sprites, emitters, text, huds and menu systems a doddle.
   • Tile map actors allow the creation of tile mapped levels.
   • Collision detection against tile maps is performed geometrically.
   • Sprite actors can be used for sprites with no animations, such as decals.
   • Game Editor supports texture splatting through a simple easy to use actor painting mechanism.
   • Animated sprite actors can be used for sprites with frame based animations.
   • EmitterActors provide particle emitter systems for your games.
   • Controller system allows you to easily snap built-in and custom functionality into your actors.
• Custom font rendering mechanism provides fast bitmap font rendering.
• Fonts can be entirely created through an easy to use user interface and wizard.
• Camera system supports multiple cameras for easy split screen and picture-in-picture effects.
• Camera system supports pivoting, scaling, and rotation making it easy to follow the action.
• Engine supports global game speed, allowing you to create stunning slow motion effects easily.
• Automatic handling of resolution independence with separation of screen resolution and render resolution.
• Choose from stunning ~30 transition pixel shader effects to switch smoothly from one scene to another.
+ Many many more features.

Release Information
Kitae is currently under development and will be released in the near future.

For more information about the Kitae feature set, click the links in the Item list on the right.
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