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By RobHutchinson on 02nd Jul 2009 @ 08:15PM
Other than actually running and playing your game, the Game Editor gives you almost complete access to everything in the engine. This allows you to build a large portion of your game using a design interface rather than manually coding everything from scratch.

Here are a few of the additional features not discussed in other sections:

Effects work on a per-layer basis. Each layer can have a range of different effects. Firstly, each layer has the option to render in either filtered or nearest neighbour rendering mode for different qualities. Secondly, layers have a blend mode, which describes how they mix with other layers and scenes. Finally, each layer can render with any number of built-in or custom pixel shader effects such as blur and convolution effects.

Post Processing Effects
Kitae will provide simple interfaces for post processing effects and there will be a number of built-in effects which can be used out of the box. Post processing effects can be applied to create overall screen pixel deformations such as blur, convolution and desaturation.

Controllers are an integral part of the Kitae engine. Controllers are used to 'control' the actions of actor within the system. Each actor can have any number of controllers assigned to it. Controllers can perform just about any action and are called every time the actor needs to update.
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