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By RobHutchinson on 12th Apr 2010 @ 12:06AM
Kitae sports a variety of complex scene transitions using pixel shaders. These transitions run at very high speed on reasonably modern hardware and can be invoked with very minimal effort. This allows you to smoothly move from one area of your game to another with ease. Simply create two scenes, for example a main menu and an options menu, and then make a call to StartTransition as shown below.

game.StartTransition(mainMenu, options, new TimeSpan(0, 0, 2), InterpolationMethod.Cubic, new RadialWiggleTransition());

Transitions can be checked and stopped at any point, and the engine will leave your game in a state showing the destination scene. Scenes, layers and actors all still continue to update and render whilst the effect is in operation so animations still show through the transitions.

Supported Transitions

• Banded Swirl
• Blinds
• Blood
• Circle Stretch
• Circle
• Circular Blur
• Cloud
• Crumble
• Disolve
• Drop Fade
• Fade
• Line
• Pixelate In
• Pixelate Out
• Pixelate
• Radial Blur
• Radial Wiggle
• Random Circle
• Ripple
• Rotate Crumble
• Saturate
• Shrink
• Slide In
• Smooth Swirl Grid
• Swirl Grid
• Swirl
• Water
• Wave

All of the above transitions can be seen in the video below:

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