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By RobHutchinson on 03rd May 2009 @ 10:20PM
Coefficient.Sapphire is a Microsoft .NET 3.5 generator library supporting a variety of text generation methods. It supports text generated through a tree of mechanisms to produce a semi-random generated output.

This library is useful for generating all kinds of random text, an example of this might be the name of a character, or a random sentence through the use of a Markov Chain, or the name and properties of a random loot item in a game. Coefficient.Sapphire can attribute property modifiers to words in order to produce not only the name of items/npcs in a game, but also their stats.

Here is the library used in a game I wrote a while back to generate the Name, Level and Attributes of all items at random:

Each of the words hold meaning. For example the word "slow" may adjust agility -2 points and likewise "turtle" may increase armour +3. Flags can also be gleaned from the attributes returned by generation. So for example, the word "dagger" can flag "type" = "dagger" which can then be used to give the item an icon and imbue the item with the properties of a dagger type weapon. In a game with loot or random NPCs this kind of generator could add lastability to the game and reduce the amount of work required building a database of entities for the user to interact with. In the same application, the library was also used to produce random names for characters. Here are some of the names it will generate with a decent set of sub-data:


Everything within the system can be generated directly from a generator XML file or with the library objects programmatically.


File: Coefficient.Sapphire.zip (101.47 KB) - Version: 1.0
Icon Image Last Updated: Sunday, 15 May 2011 08:37:35
MD5: 9825F7E33EDA981DDCD56A8A7B96A8C5
SHA1: 92B87ECA3B8F29788959BDEE596C08420AF4E9F
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