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By Rob on 08th Jun 2011 @ 07:05PM
What is TrayScript?
TrayScript is a small application you run at startup that sits in your system tray and provides a context menu which runs batch scripts for any kind of task you configure. It allows you to elegantly categorise your most often run tasks and launch them very quickly.

What can it be used for?
Just about anything you can do on the console, which is ... well... everything.  TrayScript for example, can be used to create an archive backup “button” for your files to an external drive.  Or perhaps to batch convert a folder.  Basically any operation you run regularly.  Anything you can do with a Batch file you can do with TrayScript.

Why not just use batch files?
Of course, you can do that if you wish, TrayScript however gives you a nice way to build and edit these scripts, and places them on the tray for easy desktop access.  The choice is yours, TrayScript just gives you that option.


Requirements: You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed to use TrayScript, and Windows XP/Vista/7/Server (any flavour).

File: TrayScript.exe (917.58 KB) - Version:
Icon Image Last Updated: Thursday, 09 June 2011 12:32:51
MD5: 5AAA77E02E28669DFFAD376BE6143B
SHA1: 824C5A70A2A283FA319C5E291814AABEAB61D0F5
Version History (.TXT)  |  Portable Application Description (.PAD)

Future Features
The next major feature to come to TrayScript will be the ability to keyboard input the values of tokens (optionally) when a script is run.

Addictive Tips Review - with simple first time usage guide.
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