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By Rob on 08th Jun 2011 @ 06:34PM
Right! In my new re-doubled efforts to produce more misc tools and applications - here is the first of hopefully many.

Introducing TrayScript - which pretty much does what it says on the tin. It allows you to create and run scripts (batch files) from the System Tray. TrayScript allows you to categorise and store commonly used scripts all in one place. You could for example use it to build custom backup solutions, or trigger other common tasks that you perform on a frequent basis.

This has been partially written to test a new component that I've built to facilitate other projects, such as Kitae (and hopefully speed up future development of all Null City software) - more on that later this month. The upshot is that TrayScript was written over two evenings after all the frameworks were put in place.


Requirements: You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed to use TrayScript, and Windows XP/Vista/7/Server (any flavour).

File: TrayScript.exe (917.58 KB) - Version:
Icon Image Last Updated: Thursday, 09 June 2011 12:32:51
MD5: 5AAA77E02E28669DFFAD376BE6143B
SHA1: 824C5A70A2A283FA319C5E291814AABEAB61D0F5
Version History (.TXT)  |  Portable Application Description (.PAD)

TrayScript lives here: TrayScript Page

Additionally, I've also added PAD file and Version History file support to downloads on the site. So in future you will be able to see the changes made to all products, including Kitae. If available, these can be accessed at the bottom of the download panel for the file in question, as shown above.

Now that I've written this post, I've just had a new idea for the next release! :) Back to the chopping board... There are blatantly not enough hours in the day.
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