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By Rob on 28th Aug 2012 @ 10:00PM
DSSpectate is an application which launches the Dark Souls – Prepare to Die Edition game by From Software. It can then open a picture feed server for your game, so that your co-op friends can see the contents of your Dark Souls screen as you play. This is accomplished by capturing the desktop where your Dark Souls game is running and then feeding the captured screenshots to those who are connected to your spectator server.

Co-op in Dark Souls can be a difficult to get started with. It often ends up with you trying to instruct your friends where you've left your summon sign. This is of course by design, FROM Software clearly did not want an end-to-end co-op experience. However if you really want to play Dark Souls with your friends, DSSpectate will allow you to bridge this gap a little. DSSpectate allows you to find friends more easily and keep your characters in sync. Also it's just kind of cool to be able to see what your friends are up to in game, especially when they are up to points in the game where you cannot summon.

Screenshots of the application:

Requirements: You'll need .NET 4 Full Profile for this, don't worry though, the installer will install it for you if you've not got it installed.

New Version (No Durante Fix UI):

File: DSSpectate.exe (893.58 KB) - Version:
Icon Image Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 September 2012 15:49:30
MD5: 51612020C244904DA68FDF78FA36B1BB
SHA1: E6EC33C25C30B2DFC92880DC3618935367D389
Version History (.TXT)

Old Version (With Durante Fix 0.6 UI) [Compatible with]:

File: DSSpectateDSFix06.exe (1.14 MB) - Version:
Icon Image Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 September 2012 15:47:32
MD5: 6B3BE6C94AC5B714B9DA6B55659A66A8
SHA1: EE6821409E34C33DCE21ECF8B3F95E16E0C21737
Version History (.TXT)

- DS Spectate Forums
- NeoGAF DSFix site
- DSFix site

Thanks to
- FROM Software - For probably the best RPG of our generation.
- Peter Thoman for letting me link to the fantastic DSFix.
- Bootblock and BigAnarchyBear for testing.

This is a completely free, independent product by Rob Hutchinson and has no affiliation with FROM Software.

Rob Hutchinson
Lead Developer & Null City Admin
By Rob on 27th Sep 2012 @ 01:45PM
Get your friend to run DSSpectate too, set the same port and setup as each other, then in game, you'll have an overlay at the top left of your dark souls screen. There's a little plug icon on this overlay, click that. Enter the server details of your friend. Their IP address, server password, etc to connect to them. They must have the port forwarded in their router (if applicable), and any firewalls will need rules for the server.
By HammerToe on 27th Sep 2012 @ 11:40AM
Just wanted to know how exactly you view your friends screen when they are online. Sorry if this is blatantly obviously and I'm just not seeing it.
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