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Last Edit: 22nd Jul 2013 @ 11:25PM
Thread Owner: magabzdy
"Please run at least once"
By magabzdy on 21st Jul 2013 @ 01:25AM
I've played dark souls previously but I keep getting told to run dark souls at least once to create a config file.  DSSpectate never asked where my game was installed (I assume it found it).

I am running the DSFix and DSCFix mods if those may be culprits.

Any help appreciated in getting this running, thank you.
"Please run at least once"
By magabzdy on 22nd Jul 2013 @ 11:25PM
Update:  Solved the please run at least once error.

Because I'm not an administrator and have to run as an administrator, it apparently searches the administrator account for the game setup data.

Also because I don't play games on that account, there's no data.  Logging into the computer as an administrator then running dsspectate as an administrator fixed this issue.


The overlay isn't appearing in game, only when I alt-tab out to the desktop.  DarkSouls appears to minimize immediately after booting it through DSSpectate.  Fix one problem and another shows up...
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